North American Cabinet Manufacturers

There may be some mfr's. that no longer are in business as we do not check or verify that they are beyond our initial communication with them, so we are not responsible if any of them are out of business.


Antone Cabs

Armadillo Amp Works

Atlas Cabinets

Avatar Speakers (NO custom work. Speaker cabs only.)

Blues 49

Bob Burt Cabs

Bruce Bennett Music Labs

Cabs by chaz
email: - (not valid from June 1st
to October 1st when we're gone to the northwoods - call!)
phone: (920) 740-5560

Crusty Cabs

DiMasi Cabs
dondim at

Distortion's Custom Cabs
distortions at

Ear Candy Cabs


Fret Tech - Rare Form Cabs

Fusco Cabinets

Headstrong Amps & Cabs

Heritage Amplification

Hutton Cabs

JDesign Custom Cabs Shop.htm

Ken's Cabs

Ken Freeman Custom Cabs

Kress Amps

KW Custom Cabs

Leck Custom Cabinets (at the bottom)

Lone Wolf Custom Cabs

Lowel Guitars and Cabs

Mad Sound Cabs

Mather Cabinet Company


Newell Custom Vintage Fender Cabinetry

Nick Greer Cabinets

Pacific Cabs
Not in production, but I've heard Michael Kane is still taking custom orders.
Email: citezenkane [at]
Phone: (707) 887-1652

Rare Form Custom Cabs by Fret Tech

Phone: (309) 674-8634

Rock 'n Roll Vintage

Rodgers Cabinets
Larry Rodgers

Seismic Audio Speakers (NO custom work. Speaker cabs only.)

Shawnee Custom Cabs

Sourmash Guitar Cabinets

Splawn Custom Cabs

Stone Age Custom Cabinets

Sultone Cabs

Swanson Custom Sound Shop


The Cab Guy

Tom Dixon Custom Cabinets

Tone-Tools Custom Cabs

Tone Tubby Cabs (aka Brown Cabs)

Trinity Custom Cabs

TRM Guitar Cabs

StageCraft Cabinets (I’ve used these guys A+ product and total customization affordably)

Trutone Custom Cabs

Ugly Amps


Vintage Amp Restoration

Vintage Sound

Vintone Custom Cabs

Westube Custom Cabinets

Yellow Cab Amplification