About Us

We're musicians that spent years seeking what we considered the "ultimate" tone, which of course is "subjective, but we knew what our perception of great tone was. We went through dozens of guitars, effects, speaker cabinets, speakers, and amplifiers. Lots of amplifiers... We played nearly every make and model of guitar amplifier out there, and since we couldn't afford the ones we really wanted, we searched for alternatives.

We didn't find an alternative, we found TONE.... Ceriatone! You can too. Visit YouTube and listen to the amazing Ceriatone amplifiers. Prepare to be converted!

We are a US reseller of Ceriatone and are completely independent of Ceriatone.com (Malaysia), though Ceriatone Malaysia hand builds each and every one of the amps which are then shipped directly to you. We are independent of www.ceriatone.com and are not owned in whole or part by Ceriatone and/or Nik Azam, the owner of Ceriatone Amplification.

Prices shown on www.ceriatoneusa.com includes the shipping cost to the USA only. We only ship to the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Shipping to Canada and Mexico will have additional shipping. We'll invoice the difference in shipping and it is due at the time the order is placed.

When you order an amp from Ceriatone, please understand that your amp is made to order, often after careful, deep consultation with the clients. We are available to speak to clients most of the time about their upcoming purchase. It is understood that these 100% hand built amps take several weeks to assemble, wire, test, and ship. Be aware that ordering options may increase the lead time but the wait will be well worth it.

Should you be in a hurry and cannot wait, there are many mass produced amps out there, normally costing hundreds if not thousands more. Purchase of our products does carry the understanding that our amps will be made with uncompromising attention to detail and quality that we cannot change. As with such things, wait times do apply, fluctuating due to demand, Our amps are not machine made nor made in large batches. One amp at a time by hand for you, when you order it, with your choice of available options.

If you are the type to be fickle or to change your mind about the purchase, there are fees that apply, as we start on your amp immediately upon order. However, if you aren't sure, we encourage you not to order in the first place. Please let the more deserving, discerning individuals get their spots earlier. It is much appreciated.

If you do decide to order, and then cancel at any time for any reason, there is a 50% cancellation fee of the total charged per the factory.