Terms & Conditions

By purchasing any item or service from, and/or using our website (www.guitarampsusa.com) you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of payment, delivery terms, and refunds as listed below. During the checkout process, you will affirm your agreement to these terms and conditions. Please read them thoroughly as they are strictly adhered to.

NOTE: Effective Nov. 1, 2019, due to a change in PayPal refund policies, there will be a 25% minimum cancellation fee applied to a canceled order within the first 24 hours of order being paid, no exceptions.

After 24 hours, the cancellation fee is 50%, with no exceptions. The moment you place your order, PayPal deducts the non-refundable sellers' fee from the amount we receive. When you cancel an order, we do not get this fee, nor any portion of it back, hence neither do you. In addition, PayPal issues an eCheck on our bank which takes several days and incurs an additional fee to transfer the money. If Paypal changes their policy in the future, we will follow suit.

When you order an amp from Ceriatone, please understand that your amp is made to order, often after careful, deep consultation with the clients. We are available to speak to clients most of the time about their upcoming purchase. It is understood that these 100% hand built amps take several weeks to assemble, wire, test, and ship.

Should you be in a hurry and cannot wait, there are many mass produced amps out there. Purchase of our products does carry the understanding that our amps will be made with uncompromising attention to detail and quality that we refuse to sacrifice on. We will not cut corners nor hurry our process, period.

Our amps are not assembly line produced, nor made in large batches. They are built one amp at a time by hand, specifically for you after your order is placed. Wait times of 6-8 weeks are normal, and certain models may take up to 10 weeks or more to build and ship. We are not an automated factory. We build your amp by hand, step by step, wire by wire. By purchasing an amp from Guitar Amps USA you agree to this time frame for the building of your amp.

When you order any of the "Options", this may increase the normal lead time for your amplifier. The few days extra wait will be well worth the wait, but if you have several mods, it could be a couple of weeks. NOTE: PPIMV can normally be installed on the front or the back panel of the amp. On the rear panel, the PPIMV will usually take the place of one of the speaker output jacks. On the front panel, the pilot light hole is normally used, but the control name is not printed onto the front panel

If you are the type to be fickle or to change your mind about the purchase, there is a fee that applies to any cancellation. When you order an amplifier from GuitarAmpsUSA, Paypal collects a "Seller's Fee" from what you paid us. And if we cancel the order, they do not refund the seller fee. Of course, we cannot just pay this fee ourselves. Also, when PP issues the refund, it is in the form of an eCheck drawn on our bank, and that is an additional fee on top of the seller's fee.

So PLEASE, if you aren't sure you want a Ceriatone amp, we encourage you not to order in the first place. Please let the more deserving, discerning individuals get their spots earlier. It is much appreciated. Again, if you do cancel an order within 48 hours there is a 10% fee to cover Paypal fees, transfer fees and restock fees. After 48 hrs. there is a 55% fee and is non-negotiable. So please be sure you understand you will have to wait several weeks to receive your amp and you will be penalized if you cancel your order. We follow Ceriatone Amplification policy.

If you are ordering with the intent to commit fraud or otherwise deceive, be aware that we are a PayPal Certified business with a 100% approval rating from them. We use certified carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) with tracking numbers and insurance on all shipments. We keep meticulous records of each transaction and all communications prior to and after your purchase so that we can provide any and all information to any relevant parties in case a problem arises.

If you decide to order, after reading and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions of sale, and you decide you want to receive a refund or return the amp, please be aware that we do not give refunds and do not accept returns on custom-ordered and designed, hand built amplifiers. These are strict parameters on refunds that we must follow for all customers. 

Please do not call us asking for the shipping info/date until at least 35 days after ordering. The amps are built in the order that the order is received, and we do not "bump" any order to the front of the line. We build all amps with an attention to detail that forbids us from decreasing the build time. Our reputation speaks for itself in this regard.

NOTE: If you are buying an amp from Ceriatone you realize they are tube amps. If you're an active musician you should consider getting an extra set of tubes for it before the amp arrives (eBay.com is a good place). The tubes installed in the amp are warranted for 30 days (1 year on the amp). Tubes are the cause of 98% of all problems encountered in tubes amps. Never play a gig without a spare set of tubes on hand. And the most expensive tubes don't necessarily translate into a "better" tone. They only guarantee you spent more money.

Prices shown on www.guitarampsusa.com  includes the shipping cost to the USA only. We only ship to the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Shipping to Canada and Mexico will have additional shipping charges. We'll invoice the difference in shipping and it is due at the time the order is placed. All shipping charges must be paid before the order is placed with Ceriatone Malaysia.

All amplifiers are custom hand built to order in Malaysia and shipped directly to you via FedEx, DHL or UPS. Lead time is approx. 6-8 weeks to be built before we can ship to you, unless noted otherwise, such as 8-10 weeks for the SSS. There are no shortcuts to point to point hand wiring and assembling a custom ordered amplifier. It is an extremely laborious, intensive and time-consuming process, but there is no other way to yield the results of superior tone. Mass produced amps just don't sound this good, period. The laborious process of assembling and/or building starts the day you order your amp. For these reasons, Ceriatone does not give full refunds upon cancellation of any order at any time after the order is placed nor accept returns on any order for any reason. We guarantee to ship exactly what you ordered.

Main photos are for illustrative purposes only and base pricing on each page is for Chassis I. Photos may include options that are not included if you order the standard version of the amp or don't order all options available. We also may not offer all options shown in the main illustrative photo. Photos are of products assembled by Ceriatone. We no longer sell kits or parts. You must order all kits/parts directly from Ceriatone Malaysia. Ordering options for your amp may add several days to the build/lead time.

Ceriatone Effects Loop Buffers are strictly custom, hand-built to order EFB's. There is meticulous attention to detail that is second to none. Each buffer is thoroughly tested at every stage of the build process which is why it may take approx. 2 weeks to ship from time of order.

There is additional assistance available at www.ceriatoneforum.com also. (This site is also NOT affiliated with Ceriatone.com or Ceriatone Amplification).

Prices and descriptions are subject to change without notice. We are not liable for mistakes and/or errors in pricing and/or descriptions and will correct any mistakes and/or errors upon notification. We only ship to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  We ONLY ship to PayPal verified addresses, without exception.

Options / Change Order

There may be different options available for different amplifiers. If you order an option and wish to change it, (such a switching one color custom tolex to another or adding PPIMV) there will be a $35 change order fee invoiced. We must pay the factory a change order fee + the Paypal fee. There are no refunds for options that are "canceled". 

Tolex Color

We can offer several different colors of tolex (see colors at www.ceriatone.com) for a $75 upcharge. If you change your mind on the color after ordering, there will be an additional $35 change order fee.


Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are listed on product sales pages. All prices include shipping to the Continental USA only. Shipping to Canada, Mexico will have an additional shipping charge. We do not ship to any other countries.

Guitarampsusa.com is not responsible for PayPal or shopping cart software issues and/or mistakes. We will fix any issues in pricing ASAP.


We only accept Paypal when purchasing via our website. We only ship to verified Paypal addresses if you pay with Paypal with no exceptions. It's the only way you and Guitar Amps USA are covered by the Paypal Protection Policy. If you wish to pay by check, MO, etc. we can ship to any address you prefer.

Cancellations / Returns / Refunds

You are ordering a custom, boutique guitar amplifier that will be hand-built starting at the time of order.

Cancellations are subject to a 50% restocking fee with no exceptions. When you place your order the build is in motion, punching the chassis, pulling parts, installing components on the chassis, wiring components, making the cabinets, ordering/tracking item via supply chain, etc., so there is a fixed cost involved immediately as these amps are custom, hand-built amps. Your amp is not sitting on a shelf waiting to be shipped. The cancellation/refund policy from Ceriatone.com is quite clear and is strictly adhered to by them, and hence by us.

From Ceriatone Malaysia: Each amplifier is made to order. If you want to cancel an order made, within 48 hours there is a 10% fee imposed. After 48 hours a 55% fee of the total paid will be imposed. We must live with their policy and so our policy is the exact same as theirs.

We reserve the right to cancel any sale and to refund the full purchase price of any product for any unforeseen reason/problem. You must understand that with a custom hand built guitar amplifier, the build process starts the day after the order is placed and many different people are involved working on the various aspects of the build process. This is work that has already been completed and people have already been paid for this work.

All Ceriatone amps are guaranteed to arrive in perfect working order. We do not have any control over the Department of Homeland Security or the shipping carrier as to whether or not they open the package to inspect the contents, which is their legal right to do at any time. We do stipulate that if DHS or the carrier opens the package, we are not responsible for the repacking of the item. If it arrives damaged, you can submit a claim (photos, etc. required) to the carrier for the damage.

Shipping / Delivery Information

Ceriatone amps are all hand wired amps, built at the Ceriatone Amplification factory in Malaysia. There is meticulous attention to detail that is second to none. Each amp is thoroughly tested at every stage of the build process, which can take several weeks. This is why all Ceriatone amps have such great tone. All Ceriatone amps are 'special order', as there are many different options available to choose from. For this reason, it normally takes approx. 6-8 weeks for your amp to be built. There may be some occasional delays in the build process for varying reasons, but the build time can take longer depending on the amp ordered and the number of orders in the build queue. We then ship your custom built amp directly to you via FedEx, UPS or DHL. Your patience will be very well rewarded.

If you choose to return an amp, for any reason, the purchaser is responsible for return shipping charges to Malaysia or to a Ceriatone determined US facility if Ceriatone determines it can be handled in the US.

Prices shown on www.guitarampsusa.com  includes the shipping cost to the Continental USA. We only ship to the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Shipping to Canada and Mexico will have additional shipping. We'll invoice the difference in shipping and it is due at the time the order is placed.

Shipping Rate Revision 

We may revise the shipping rates without prior notice. Please check the shipping rates from time to time. If you have paid for the item, the old rate still applies. Orders are charged the current rates, whether current on the website or not.

Insurance and Claims 

All items that are shipped via UPS will be insured to ensure all possible liabilities covered. However, the full amount covered is as per the declared amount on the invoice. The rate shown on the table is without insurance. 

Insurance is compulsory. UPS - Insurance is at 1% of the declared amount 

Important note: Once the parcel has been received, please check the amp/kits/components thoroughly immediately. If there's damaged and you would like to file the claim, please follow the procedure below. 

Damaged Report Procedure: If your parcel arrived damaged, please provide the following in order to file the claim, within 5 days of accepting your parcel. 

Pictures of the damaged amp/kit/ part

Pictures of the outer and inner packaging box, and the packing materials

Please keep the packing materials such as packing peanuts, bubble wraps, cling wraps and/or the custom packing foam together with the box for damage inspection by the courier service agent

Please resize the pictures to 600x450 in jpg format

Failure to adhere to the procedures above will result in the claim being rejected. Approval of claim is based on the respective courier service investigation result.

Shipment Charges 

For all items shipped via UPS, shipment charges are calculated according to Actual or Volumetric and are included in the "selling" price as listed.

Import Duty, Tax, Customs Clearance etc 

Please be informed that you may be taxed for importing goods to your country, and is bound to the rules and regulations set by your local customs and your government. Guitarampsusa.com and/or Guitarampsusa.com will not be held responsible for any problems/charges related to this. Please check with your local customs before placing your order. 

Price shown does not include import duty, tax, brokerage charges, airport tax or any additional charges for shipment handling or customs issues for your amplifier, and the end user is responsible for any and all tariffs, fees, import duties, brokerage charges, airport tax or additional charges. We've seen fees from $6 -$34 USD, but that can change at the whim of any particular government at any time.

Any additional importing charges, broker fee, customs duty, tax etc. will be paid by the customer upon arrival at the destination, as the one taxing you is your government. Guitarampsusa.com has no involvement whatsoever in the collection or allocation of funds received by any government entity. It is collected by the shipping agent at the time of delivery. 

Failure to claim the above-said shipment resulting in the parcel to be returned back to Guitarampsusa.com will be charged back to the consignee. A grace period of 5 working days, to which if there's no reply from the customer, the courier service has the right to send the parcel back, deemed unclaimed. We seek your cooperation to email us your contact number when you make the payment so that the courier service can reach you once your amp has arrived, for customs-related matters.


Ceriatone at various times will source tubes from different vendors. We normally use JJ and/or TAD, but not always, and we do not guarantee to use a particular manufacturer's tubes in any amp. We always offer you the opportunity to order your kit, chassis or completed amp with or without tubes so that you may install your own. If you order a Ceriatone amplifier without tubes, you are then responsible for the proper biasing or your amplifier.

Not all tube manufacturers label their tubes the same, i.e. 12AX7 / ECC83 / 7025 are the same tubes. We are not responsible for how a manufacturer labels their tubes.

Delivery Transit Time 

UPS / FedEx / DHL delivery on average is approx. 3-6 days to the USA. 5-10 days to Canada. 7-14 days to Mexico, depending on UPS/FedEx and/or customs in Malaysia, China, Mexico, Japan, Canada and/or the US. We've seen packages arrive earlier or later than "average", and we take no responsibility for the shipping time once the package is turned over to the carrier.