When people talk about “holy grail” guitar tones, there are names that inevitably come to mind for most guitarists.  Brilliant players like Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Angus and Malcolm Young, Eddie Van Halen, James Hetfield, and Robben Ford have changed music as we know it not only with their undeniable skills as writers and players, but also with sonic signature. One of such brilliant players is John Mayer. 

While we have no affiliation with any of these players, their influence in our work can be seen to those attentive. The Joyful Music! 50 is a clone of the amplifier largely responsible for Mr. Mayer’s amazing tone.  While this won’t get you an amazing collection of Rolexes, or help you date the most beautiful women on the planet…you’ll at least sound good! Think of the JM50 as the mellow, wise brother to the SSS 50.  While the SSS is all about power, the JM has a similar signature but delivers it more sweetly (and less earth shatteringly loud).

The dynamics are a bit bouncier, more vintage-feeling.  Tonally, the two amps are somewhat similar, but the JM is much cleaner, a little sweeter on the high end, and has a more prominent midrange more similar to other OTS amplifiers.  The JM is also more stripped down in its features (and wiring), which equates to a bit more pure-to-the-guitar tone. As with all Ceriatone amplifiers, we’ve obsessed over component selection, and it uses our specially designed, custom transformers for superior reliability, frequency response, and feel. 

Current lead times are listed on the main page at www.guitarampsusa.com.

Output Power: 50W 

Power:      2 x 6L6GC
Pre-Amp:  4 x 12AX7 / ECC83
                  1 x 12AT7 / ECC81
Rectifier:  Solid State

Feature Overview:
Bright, Deep, and Mid-Boost toggle switches
Treble, Middle, Bass equalization
LUSH 3-tube spring reverb with Send and Return controls
Contour control (replaces Presence) allows for better control over high-frequency balance in power section
Passive effects loop
Full/Half Power switch

Input: Single

Impedance: 4 / 8 / 16 Ohm Impedance Selectable

Front Panel Controls: (from L to R)
   Input Jack
   Mid Boost / Bright / Deep Switches
   Reverb Send
   Reverb Return
   Master Volume
   On / Off Switch
   Operate / Standby Switch
   On / Off Indicator Lamp 

Rear Panel: (from L to R)
   HT Fuse
   Mains Fuse
   AC Mains Input
   1/2 Power Switch
   Bias Array
   Main Speaker Output
   Extension Speaker Output
   Impedance Selector Switch
   Effects Loop Input
   Effects Loop Output

Joyful Music 50 Watt Configuration Options:
  • Chassis I - $1,353
    (Full working chassis without tubes. Reverb tank included. No cabinet.)
  • Chassis II - $1,497
    (Full working chassis with tubes. Reverb tank included. No cabinet.)
  • Amp Head I - $1,608
    (Full working chassis without tubes in head cabinet. Reverb tank included.)
  • Amp Head II - $1,752
    (Full working chassis with tubes in head cabinet. Reverb tank included.)
  • 112 Combo Amp - $1,896.50
    (Full working chassis with tubes in a 1x12 combo cabinet. Reverb tank included. Speaker not included.)

Main photo is for illustrative purposes only and advertised base pricing is for Chassis I without tubes. Photos may include options that are not included if you order the standard version of the amp or don't order all options available. We also may not offer all options available and/or shown in main illustrative photos. Photos are of products assembled by Ceriatone. We no longer sell kits. Black Tolex is standard on all amps unless otherwise stated in product description.

Ceriatone amps are custom made, 100% hand-built, point-to-point hand-wired amplifiers using the highest quality components and custom wound transformers. Each amp is thoroughly tested and burned in before it is shipped to you. Even with long lead times Ceriatone takes no shortcuts or makes any changes to their build standards in the production of their hand-built amps. This is Ceriatone quality.

Pricing shown on www.guitarampsusa.com includes the shipping cost to the USA only. We only ship to the USA, Canada and Mexico. Shipping to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands will have additional shipping. We'll invoice the difference in shipping and it is due at the time the order is placed.

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Joyful Music JM50

  • $1,353.00

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