The Ceriatone British Style 2202HW is a low wattage, feature-laden champion of tone and value.

The 2202HW started with the preamp of our 2203HW and 2204HW, but we added some features to make a timeless design even more flexible.

In the preamp, we added a 3-way Bright switch, which not only helps dial in the high frequency content, but also adds another means of sculpting the gain structure of the amplifier.  Next, we added a powerful Boost switch, which defeats the tonestack and adds some serious gain and harmonic complexity.  If that wasn’t enough, we added a Fat switch that was inspired by our OTS series.  This changes the frequency of the Treble control, vastly thickening the midrange.

The power amp wasn’t safe either.  We added a specially tuned Resonance control to help add thump and authority.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we added a Post-Phase Inverter Master Volume that is so good, you can sell your attenuators for MOAR AMPSZ.

Oh, we can’t forget to mention this is all in a small chassis using 6V6s to put out a rotund 20W of power.

Like other Ceriatone amps, we have labored carefully to select the finest components to suit the design, and the 2202HW uses our specially designed, custom transformers for superior reliability, frequency response, and feel.

Single Channel
Power: 20 watts
2 x 6V6, 3 x 12AX7
4/8/16 Ohm Selectable
Pussy Trim
External Bias Adjust

Custom Cover Available ($55)

2202 HW JCM 800 20W Lunchbox Configuration Options:

  • Chassis I - $487
    (Fully working chassis. Tubes not included.)
  • Chassis II - $554.50
    (Fully working chassis. Tubes included.)
  • Amp Head I - $598
    (Fully working chassis installed in a head cabinet. Tubes not included.)
  • Amp Head II - $665.50
    (Fully working chassis installed in a head cabinet. Tubes included.)
  • 112 Combo Amp I - $865.50
    (Fully working chassis installed in a 1x12 combo cabinet. Tubes not included. Speaker not included.)

Main photo is for illustrative purposes only and base pricing is for Chassis I. Photos may include options that are not included if you order the standard version of the amp or don't order all options available. We also may not offer all options available and/or shown in main illustrative photos. Photos are of products assembled by Ceriatone. We no longer sell kits. You must order all kits direct from Ceriatone Malaysia.

Ceriatone amps are custom made, 100% hand-built, point to point hand-wired amplifiers. Each amp is thoroughly tested and burned in before it is shipped to you. For this reason, the build lead time is approx. 11-14 weeks for custom hand-built amplifiers and 5-10 days for pedals and buffered effects loops.

Pricing shown on includes the shipping cost to the USA only. We only ship to the USA, Canada and Mexico. Shipping to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands will have additional shipping. We'll invoice the difference in shipping and it is due at the time the order is placed.

Note: We ONLY ship to PayPal verified addresses if paying via PayPal. No exceptions.

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  • $487.00

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