Introducing the Horse Breaker from the vintage tone experts at Ceriatone. They've combined two of the most sought-after guitar tones of all time, the Klon Centaur and the Marshall Bluesbreaker, to make the most sought after pedal in the world today, the Horse Breaker Professional Overdrive.

And for an unbelievably low price of only $250 (includes shipping to the USA)!

With this spot-on timeless sound, you can go from clean boost to pickup-fattener to fizzy Brit-style saturation in no time. Perfect as both a complement to a cranked valve amp and as part of an effects chain, this pedal is guaranteed to leave you - and your audience - stunned.

Horse Breaker Professional Overdrive Key features:
Transparent Klon-style overdrive meets Marshal Bluesbreaker tones
Gold exterior with black control knobs and toggle switches
Power: 9V DC
Current draw: 100mA
Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.85 (including jacks) x 1.35 inches

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Horse Breaker Professional Overdrive

  • $260.00

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