The Ceriatone 36W TMB is the big brother to the 18W TMB, and also replaces the Tremolo channel with a more traditional, British-inspired preamp with a full tonestack and master volume.

As with the 18W TMB, the 36W TMB retains the original “Normal” channel of the 18W standard.

The TMB channel features a preamp somewhat similar to a Plexi50 or Plexi100, but with special care in matching it’s voice to the unique EL84/GZ34 power section.  Some of our favorite rock tones of ANY of our amplifiers are in the TMB channel.  As an added bonus, we incorporated a master volume for this channel only.

As is the case with the 18W TMB, the 36W chassis is suitable for both head and combo formats.

Like other Ceriatone amps, we have labored carefully to select the finest components to suit the design, and the 36W TMB uses our specially designed, custom transformers for superior reliability, frequency response, and feel.

Two Channels / 4 Inputs (High / Low for each channel)
Power: 36 watts
4 x EL84, 3 x 12AX7, 1 x GZ34
TAD Mustard Caps Standard

36 Watt Configuration Options:

  • Chassis I - $873.50
    (Fully working chassis. Tubes not included.)
  • Chassis II - $981.50
    (Fully working chassis. Tubes included.)
  • Amp Head I - $1,041
    (Fully working chassis installed in a head cabinet. Tubes not included.)
  • Amp Head II - $1,149
    (Fully working chassis installed in a head cabinet. Tubes included.)
  • 112 Combo Amp - $1,298.50
    (Fully working chassis installed in a 1x12 combo cabinet. Tubes included. Speaker not included.)

Main photo is for illustrative purposes only and advertised base pricing is for Chassis I w/o tubes. Photos may include options that are not included if you order the standard version of the amp or don't order all options available. We also may not offer all options available and/or shown in main illustrative photos. Photos are of products assembled by Ceriatone. We no longer sell kits. Black Tolex is standard on all amps unless otherwise stated in product description.

Ceriatone amps are custom made, 100% hand-built, point-to-point hand-wired amplifiers using the highest quality components and custom wound transformers. Each amp is thoroughly tested and burned in before it is shipped to you. Even with long lead times (due to a large number of guitarists ordering Ceriatone amps and the Covid-19 pandemic), Ceriatone will take no shortcuts or change their build standards in the production of their hand-built amps. Lead times listed are approximate.

Current lead times are listed on the main page at and are approximate.

Pricing shown on includes the shipping cost to the USA only. We only ship to the USA, Canada and Mexico. Shipping to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands will have additional shipping. We'll invoice the difference in shipping and it is due at the time the order is placed. Paypal is our payment processor and you do not need a Paypal account to check out.

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36 Watt

  • $873.50

Available Options

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